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I pulled the bikini and put the box. Should surprisingly well. The tiny triangles of white cloth barely managed to cover my nipples. The thong funds on the sides and expandable materials trained well in my mound and lips reveal quite the camel-toe pubic. The suit was unlined and I could imagine it would actually become transparent when wet. Although usually I stay well stocked, some of my pubic hair always looming overhead. You will have to shave, I thought. Turning to look at the back, I realized how esta suit was smaller than my existing tan lines. Fortunately, I'm not tanned olive skin so my ass is not much clearer than the rest of me. The back was only a white thong that completely disappeared between my buttocks. I put one leg on the bed and looked over my shoulder. In fact, my ass spread, WHO someone cared to look would be to obtain a clear view of my anus. I felt a warm tingle and I realized that thought excited me. Turning around, I took another good look at my body, this time trying to imagine how it might turn men on the beach.



The bikini has nothing to hide my erect nipples; In fact, it appeared to accentuate. I have big lips that always seems to be around and have been clearly defined by the thin fabric of funds. I sat on the bed and leans back, I look in the mirror to see what the view between my legs as could be to the casual observer. The show gave me a sudden surge of emotion and I let out a little scream. The hood of my clitoris was perfectly visible, like a small hard cock pressing cloth. I began to touch me.

I like her lips parted slightly, and rubbed to wet the tip, gradually putting the left, his mouth was wet, hot, pushed the neck slowly when she took the pace I grabbed the whistle and I did it like a professional, I took it out several times to take a deep breath, -I'm going to finish- I put it three more times, then I pulled it to finish in his face and a little his mouth, I took his hair, he was surprised how I took control, a jet splashes his face, two others the same, then more frequent jets remain on his upper lip and in his mouth, it slipped a little, -nice pussy- she did it with a lot of work, went to the bathroom to clean herself and wanted to vomit, but nothing came out, I wanted to kiss her but she stopped me, although I grabbed her hands.

The truth is that the next morning we were taking as convicted. She had, he said, a lot of desire to suck my cock and that in this time he had masturbated furiously thinking about her and that he put her everywhere. In the heat of the battle, she up riding me, I put a finger in her ass. He took a jump accompanied by an orgasm: "He drives me crazy, he takes me out, I would like you to have two cocks to make me enjoy as a bitch". "Would you like another cock and have us double you?" "It drives me crazy just thinking about it"

From there, the fantasy was recurrent. Every time we took each other, he repeated "I want another cock" ... and we "authorized" him to look for it. I thought it was best that it was an acquaintance of hers. But in his fantasy was any other cock. So, decided, we went from bar to bar looking for someone who could satisfy their (our?) Fantasy. The morbid was mingled with some of both to bed with "anyone" without knowing who was. Until one day he says "I found it". Since we decided, he had gotten into a page of releases and had been talking with a boy.

She was always clear that it was not two, but three. He told me the details and how it warmed up, he showed me all the conversations so that there was no doubt that he did not want to be with him but with both of them. We put together a small group of watsapp and the thing got very hot. We sent him videos of how we fucked, how he sucked me, and she said "I want to suck the two cocks." I filmed it when it ended up in his face, when I did his ortho, in all ways. The boy boiled and he sent us videos of his straws, that she watched sucking my cock, putting a toy in the shell and in the ass, watching the cock of the kid, by the way, was great. Until a few weeks later we agreed on a meeting at my house. Teen girls iin bikinis, punctual, with two beers and with a nervous talk at the beginning, we were leaving puddles. She brought up the subject directly, the situation she had dreamed was approaching. He started talking about how much he had liked, how he had warmed up watching his videos and that he always thought of two cocks when he took me. I started caressing her back and her leg while talking. We were sitting in the "big" armchair and watching from the same chair where the friend had been sitting. Little by little we were Martin and I intervened in the conversation, about how we warmed up thinking about taking both. My hands had already detached the bodice of the sensual and horny young girl and I took out her shirt leaving her tits free, which I pinched without shame, while she caressed herself over the bikini.

I confess that the position was not entirely comfortable, but the fever could more. I threw myself as far back as I could, putting it in my ass after spitting it to lubricate it. I can not say how many orgasms she had, but there were several followed, to the screams, "break me all, fuck me motherfuckers"


The conversation continued for several minutes she entered the futon right beside me and comensamos touch us .... My cock made her an appearance growing in my pants as she touched my body and I kissed her mouth opening bn mine aplacanfo in a sexual way Our tongues met and they felt the teeth rose d exchange movements and had the hard cock and she sack of my boxers and knelt in the middle d my legs ... I was lying on my back and she in the middle d my kneeling legs looked at me holding my cock with both hands. As I pajeaba with his left hand and right at the base of my cock holding the rest of the foreskin ... I looked straight into his eyes, waiting for a reaction cone or a few words ... but I did not understand the porn movies like you said.

I could only obey. He had found a pose in which he came to the right place. I could feel von the head of the cock the top of his shell and the sudos ran our bodies to that we added that oral sex had helped the dilation of his clitoris and the roses were more accurate the sensation was precious. She climbed heels to my waist his hands hugging my neck and kisses me just kept concentrating more penetrations were given without separating our bodies with a loud scream in my ear ended








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